The interior of a house should never be ordinary.

The new Kyle House offers a bit of Nordic cool with its modern contemporary furniture pieces from the grand Danish masters of design as well as newcomers like Ilse Crawford.

To explain the design of some of the World's best contemporary masters is a lost battle. We have chosen a few of these items because they hold a functionality and simplicity that underlines exactly what we want the house to be. Simple yet refined and beautiful in a way where you always find joy in the details and the craftsmanship.

Natural is the key word. Not only is Kyle House a house of natural materials. Stone. Wood. Glass. The carefully curated interior should reflect natural human behaviour as well.

The inside of the house bonds with the natural elements surrounding it. Wool from the locality. Towels and linen created by ourselves and handmade in old factories in Lithuania.

As the "devil is in the detail" even down to the cutlery and the ceramics provided in the kitchen gives a modern interpretation of the hardy life that used to be in the house.

Harmony is the end result. You will feel it the moment you enter the house. It is a house that inside out goes well with the environment it is sitting in. The calming feeling will get to you very shortly after you have unpacked and start taking in the scenary beautifully framed by the big windows.

The new Kyle House is a perfect place to start your love affair with the Scottish Highlands.

"Denmark is a place in Scotland. An oasis of contemporary

Danish design accompagnied by Scottish hospitality"

AD Germany





The House



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The Interior